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How to connect Python and SQL Server – Part 2

Hey Guys,

In my first blog post about Python and SQL Server, I gave a very short introduction in how to actually connect and execute a simple query. Today I want to extend a bit on using Python and SQL Server.

As I described in the end of the previous post the ideal scenario is that you inherit the database connection from a single file and then use it whenever and anywhere you want. This makes your code to look cleaner and eliminate redundant work in case you need to change credentials or something else. For that I will show to you how to do it. Read the rest of this entry


An error occurred while setting up a binding for the column

Hello Guys!

I just wanted to do this quick blog post to give you a tip about a recent problem that I had in a SSIS Project. My scenario is the following.

Source Database Server: PostgreSQL
Target Database Server: SQL Server 2016

As you can see, I need to extract data from this PostgreSQL database and import in SQL Server. So far everything is working, but today I got this error of in one particular table: [OLE DB Destination [25]] Error: An error occurred while setting up a binding for the “MyColumnName” column. The binding status was “DT_NTEXT”. The data flow column type is “DBBINDSTATUS_UNSUPPORTEDCONVERSION”. The conversion from the OLE DB type of “DBTYPE_IUNKNOWN” to the destination column type of “DBTYPE_WVARCHAR” might not be supported by this provider. Read the rest of this entry

The overlapped instance error

One of the possible scenarios for SQL Server FCI to AG migration is adding a third node to the Windows Failover Cluster and creating an Availability Groups between the FCI and the third standalone SQL Server, or having one node as FCI and the other node as a standalone SQL.

In my case I am running with the second option. I have one node with SQL Server 2014 FCI and the other node SQL Server 2016 Standalone, but the servers are in the Windows Cluster. When you try to create the Availability Groups between them you get the following error. Read the rest of this entry

Adding SSISDB to AG for SQL Server 2016

Hi Everyone,

I’ve setup a new SQL Server 2016 AG Environment for Developers where they will use it for deploying and testing code, which means that they also want to SQL Server Integration Services for deploying and executing SSIS Packages. From SQL Server 2012 and onwards we have the new deployment model for SSIS and also the addition of SSISDB.

One of the features highly requested was the ability to add SSISDB to AG, which was also added, but before SQL Server 2016 the failover of the SSISDB database has to be done manually, on which you end up having more work to do. In SQL Server 2016 it was added the possibility for automatic failover of SSISDB. Read the rest of this entry

SQL Server Discovery Day em Joinville

Discovery DayOlá pessoal,

No próximo sábado (18/06) a partir das 08:00 da manhã o Rodrigo Dornel e eu estaremos conduzindo o SQL Server Discovery Day na Univille em Joinville.

Para quem não conhece o SQL Server Discovery Day será um evento focado apenas nas novidades do SQL Server 2016 e também onde levaremos um problema a ser resolvido pelos participantes na qual todos deverão apresentar a sua solução criada. Então é um dia com bastante mão na massa e aprender muito SQL Server. As vagas são beemmmm limitadas (cerca de 20 a 30) então se você tem interesse em participar é só verificar os passos abaixos. Read the rest of this entry

How to enable Strecth Tables in SQL 2016


SQL Server 2016 CTP 2.0 has been launched today, so I want to take some time to show you how to enable the new feature called Stretch Tables. Stretch Tables will allow you to save your table in a Microsoft Azure SQL Database without any application code change to retrieve the information stored in the cloud. Below I will describe what you need to do to get Stretch Tables working. Read the rest of this entry