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Linking Data Sources to SSRS Reports with PowerShell

Imagine the following scenario: You just migrated a bunch of SSRS Reports to a new Reporting Services instance, which has a different folder structure. In this perspective, one of the things that get lost along the way is the linking between Data Sources and Reports.

If you are in the PowerShell world like me you know very well this repository in the Microsoft organization on Github: ReportingServicesTools.

Reporting Services Tools is a module that interacts with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, making it easier several tasks like importing and exporting reports, creating folders, subscriptions, data sources and so on. The module is maintained by Microsoft along with some know PowerShell folks from the community like my friend Claudio Silva(@claudioessilva) from the dbatools team. Read the rest of this entry


Reporting Services Databases on Availability Groups

In my current job as a DBA, one of my missions is making everything as automated as possible and making sure that when things go wrong(trust me, they will), the applications that are using my environment can smoothly continue to run with less intervention possible.

You will make mistakes which is part of the job, learning from those mistakes is what makes you grow. Today I want to share with you a few tips that will make your experience with SSRS Databases and Availability Groups less painful. Read the rest of this entry

The ReportServerVirtualDirectory element is missing


Esse erro acontece quando tentamos acessar o diretorio \Reports no Browser, assim não aparecia a pagina principal mas sim uma tela com esse erro. Como resolver isso?

A dica é bem simples, basta você ir no diretorio diretorio onde está instalado o Reporting Services e acessar a seguinte pasta: Reporting Services\ReportManager.  Dentro dessa pasta existe um arquivo chamado RSWebApplication.config como vocês podem ver na figura abaixo.


Dentro desse arquivo existe a tag <ReportServerVirtualDirectory></ReportServerVirtualDirectory>. Se você encontrar essa tag vazia ai está o problema, basta você adicionar o valor ReportServer, salvar o valor e por via das duvidas reinicie o serviço do Reporting Services.

Importante: Essa dica vale para o SQL Server 2005, no SQL Server 2008 você deve voltar uma pasta e entrar na pasta ReportServer e acessar o arquivo rsreportserver.config que a mesma propriedade estará contida nesse arquivo também.


Pessoal espero que vocês tenham gostado dessa dica.

Marcos Freccia
MCTS SQL Server 2008