When was the last time i run dbcc checkdb with sucess

Good Morning Folks,

I am reading a good book for my 70-450 exam : SQL Server 2008 Administration in Action by Rod Colledge (Twitter|Blog), trust me this book is really good and is helping me to study to my next certification. So, going back to the subject, one of the chapters of his book is about DBCC commands, where he puts how can we see when was the last dbcc checkdb was executed with sucess. I’ll put below a code that can show you the date and time.


after that you will see this input in the result of dbcc page.


After your tests, don’t forget to disable the trace flag.


So, as you know i got this example from his book, and off course i need to thank him for this nice tip.

Marcos Freccia


Sobre Marcos Freccia

MVP em SQL Server (Data Plataform) , especialista em SQL Server, e atualmente trabalhando com Microsoft Azure!

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